Offline Editing Services

We offer a low-resolution editing service that compiles picture content in a more data- and time-efficient way. An Edit Decision List (EDL) is used to track choices made during this process before they are handed over to Conform and Online Editorial. While we typically support Avid, Final Cut, 2D, and 3D workflows, we can also cater to clients requiring less common editing software.

After the picture is locked, we send high-resolution images that match the offline one perfectly. We recreate cuts, dissolve, and change speed; all the while maintaining the original resolution. As soon as the draft is approved, additional specialized effects can be added. At this stage, we introduce CGI and VFX, as well as a method for grading and post-grading according to the requirements of the project. Our last task is to incorporate title sequences, idents, logos, and end rollers into the final audio playback to tie everything together.