You visualize it, we create it!

We proudly say that After Studios specializes in Visual Effects. With our exceptional team, you can choose from a plethora of end-result options, varying in terms of both, style as well as story.

An association with us is collaborating with a team of artists that would ensure the best 2D, 3D, Claymation, and digital graphics services for all your projects including commercials, music videos, TV series, and feature films.

Using special physics-based effects on natural phenomena such as fire, smoke, liquid, gas, explosion, and demolition in conjunction with various rigid and soft body dynamics, we develop films that reflect and realize your dreamy vision.

Bringing your ideas to life with vast experience in producing visual effects from concept to set supervision, and then post-production to the final composite; we make it all happen!

We use several software’s to make After Studios’ VFX Editing and Management solution. Keeping in mind the need of Realtime 4K playback in today’s date, we have arranged 150 TB of NVMe storage for all computers used by our artists. We also offer 1 PB storage for a smooth VFX workflow and project injection. We have 50 high end CPU based render blades that accelerate time-consuming tasks as well enhance the instant previewing process for the clients.