Ganeshan an accomplished online artist, boasts 7+ years of experience in diverse formats and numerous projects. With a remarkable portfolio featuring engagements at Pixion, Renge Dragon, Tag, and others, Firoz has produced exceptional master films at After Studios for esteemed clients like Power Drift, Old Monk, Shutterhead Films, A for Orange, Infamous People, The Bombay Film Company, Saheb Productions, Spotlight Films, Fictionary Films, Wat Consult, and more.

Noteworthy recent projects encompass Tata Motors, Dabur, Lakme, GSK, Cipla Health, Berger Paints, Flipkart, Swiggy, Kellogg’s, Vu100, Fujifilm, ICICI Bank, and others.Additionally, Ganeshan has contributed to prominent long-format projects such as “Salaam Noni” (Ellipsis Entertainment), and “Tejas” (RSVP Films). Whether it’s commercials or long-format productions, Ganeshan possesses the requisite skills.