Manish is an eclectic mix of passion, dedication, artistic vision and technological resourcefulness. While he creates CG magic using the latest softwares, his ability to lead an army of budding VFX artists and get-the-job-done is awe-inspiring. Manish has an experience of 12 years as a Senior VFX supervisor at Famous Studios’ House of Animation where he has worked on various commercials Brands like Dream 11, MPL, My 11 Circle, Amul, Kwality Walls, Gillette, Dove, Clinic Plus, Ariel, Surf Excel, Epigamia and many more. He strives for perfection in every project as he often offers insightful creative inputs in the pre-production stage and makes a solid pipeline to execute these projects within the stipulated time. He has also collaborated with various production houses like Another Idea, Chrome Pictures, Green Apple, Entourage Films, Firecracker Productions, Third Floor Films, Mangata Films, First December, etc. For on-set supervision to provide expert opinion on managing the visual effects in post-production.