Robert Lang

Rob has a colour grading experience of over twenty years. He graded his first full length DI in 2001 and since then he has been unstoppable. With a major part of his work being published in the European and Asian markets, he has extensively contributed on a number of digital intermediates, commercials, restoration projects and TV series both on OTT platforms as well as the traditional broadcasting. He is a professional member of The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and Colorist Society International (CSI).

In the beginning of his career itself, Rob got the opportunity to work with the renowned Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki on ‘The Man Without A Past’, which went on to become Finland’s first Oscar nominated feature films. Over his career of two decades, Rob has collaborated with eminent cinematographers and artists including Oscar winning Bosnian director – Danis Tanović, Santosh Sivan ASC, Guillermo Navarro ASC, Marc Koninckx AFC and the late Ashok Mehta ISC.

Along with colour grading, Rob also supervises the colour pipeline development at After Studios. Since his arrival in India in 2006, he has tinkered around with everything from camera R&D to maintaining DI suite calibration. He has played a pivotal role in implementing best practices in Stereoscopic 3D, ACES, HDR, DolbyVision pipelines, remote grading and QC in all departments.